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A decentralized betting platform built on blockchain technology that will revolutionize the way you bet. BetKings offers a completely automated and autonomous alternative to traditional betting websites and programs with a strong focus on security and transparency. All events are shared through the blockchain, and all wagers and payouts originate directly from the blockchain. Never wonder if you're going to be paid out or if the middleman is working honestly - there is no middleman.

What is BetKings?

BetKings was designed from the ground up with your security, privacy and overall fairness in mind. We run our own independent blockchain, not a token on a parent blockchain such as Ethereum which enables us to automate many of the standard tasks involved with prediction. Automation allows everything to run fee-free. That means no rake, no service fee, only the nominal standard transaction fee. It also gives you peace of mind as you're not waiting for anyone to evaluate your winnings and manually send them out. The blockchain does all of this for you, including refunds on canceled events. Odds are parimutuel, which means the losing wager's stakes are divided among the winners. Odds are also adjusted based on action as well, and lock approximately 15-20 minutes before an event begins.

Bet on Sports

BetKings is covering a worldwide range of regular sports like: football, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, mma, and boxing.

Bet on Esports

We also offer a wide range of worldwide electronic sports like : Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legendes, Dota 2

Automatic Payouts

Payouts are generated directly from the blockchain and sent upon an event's completion. No middlemen. Easy, fast, and secure.


You can stake your winnings and earn additional KNG for securing the network, or run a masternode and earn for providing additional function.

Download the BetKings Wallet

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Linux Wallet

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