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The Platform
A decentralized betting platform built on blockchain technology that will revolutionize the way you bet. Bet Kings offers a completely automated and autonomous alternative to traditional betting websites and programs with a strong focus on security and transparency. All events are shared through the blockchain, and all wagers and payouts originate directly from the blockchain. Never wonder if you're going to be paid out or if the middleman is working honestly - there is no middleman.
The Prediction Market
Prediction is one of the oldest and most popular ways to pass time, have fun and make some money. For all of the benefits it has to offer, there are also some drawbacks. Mainly in the areas of proven fairness, transparency and the security and privacy of your entertainment and finances. Our platform is unique and powerful, and plans to corner a large portion of the prediction market share through shear quality and ease-of-use. We also offer zero fees, perpetually. We will never take a percentage or any sort of rake of any kind - unlike traditional websites and prediction providers.
Did we mention no fees?
Bet Kings being a blockchain-powered and autonomous platform, feeds in API data from known, trusted providers into the network and the platform handles the rest. This means there are no operators, no employees to pay or overhead - nothing, nada. What this means is you get to enjoy a transparent, secure and reliable betting experience without worrying about how much of your winnings will be taken for unnecessary fees.

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Blockchain Technicals

                     • Name : Bet Kings
                     • Ticker: KNG
                     • Blocktime: 1 minute
                     • Consensus: Proof-of-Stake
                     • Masternode cost: 10,000 KNG
                     • Initial distribution: 7,250,075 KNG
                     • Betting fee: 0%

Useful Links
                     • Buy KNG
                     • Price chart
                     • Block explorer
                     • Masternode metrics
                     • Bitcointalk thread
                     • Twitter
                     • Telegram
                     • Discord
                     • Reddit
Block Reward

                     • Block Finder: 2 KNG
                     • Winning Masternode: 2 KNG
                     • Dev/Marketing Fund: 0.5 KNG
                     • VIP Payout: 0.5 KNG