Decentralized Betting Crypto

Anonymous, Autonomous, Trustless Blockchain-Powered Betting Crypto Currency.

Online Gaming Platform

Worldwide betting events.

Zero fees

No house rake deducted.

Fully decentralized

Through blockchain technology.    

BetKings Introduction

BetKings (KNG) is a decentralized crypto currency running on its own blockchain with a sportsbook platform inside the wallet. You can start betting on worldwide sports and esports events without being held back by middlemans or hidden rakes/fees. BetKings runs the events, bets and payments through the blockchain technology which allows you to receive your winnings immediately after the event you bet on ended.

Gamble with ease

Easy-to-use gambling platform inside your wallet.

Zero fees

No fees/rake is taken from bets or winnings.

Truly decentralized

Bets and payments are being handled directly by the blockchain, no 3rd parties involved.

BetKings Betting platform.

A decentralized betting platform built on blockchain technology that will revolutionize the way you bet. BetKings offers a completely automated and autonomous alternative to traditional betting websites and programs with a strong focus on security and transparency.

All events are shared through the blockchain, and all wagers and payouts originate directly from the blockchain. Never wonder if you're going to be paid out or if the middleman is working honestly - there is no middleman.

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Wallet Download

Download our latest software version on your desired platform.


7,8,10 (x64)




Mojave&High Sierra


BetKings Bounty Campaign

In our efforts to grow the community and build more demand we have decided to create a bounty program with a total of over 20,000 KNG.


Following and retweeting our twitter posts could bring you over 10 KNG.

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Start posting on BitcoinTalk about BetKings and get over 10.

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Youtube Video

Create a good youtube video and get rewarded over 100 KNG.

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BetKings Roadmap

Check out our roadmap to see and follow the progress we have made so far.

BetKings Whitepaper and Distribution

Our official whitepaper and initital coin distribution informations.

English WhitePaper

Coin Distribution

Latest News

Here you can check out latest news and update informations.

BetKings launches discord group.

BetKings is opening their doors for discord users, we are providing 24/7 support on our discord group.

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BetKings V2 wallet now available.

BetKings launches a new version of the wallet which includes the latest bug fixes from the pivx base stake bug.

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BetKings wallet chain correction instructions.

Please read the following instructions in order to get on the correct chain. The instructions applies for master nodes also.

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